Same Day Teeth


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From £62/month or £3150 for one tooth

Fixed and natural looking teeth in just one visit

We can replace missing, single/multiple failing teeth with implants on the same day.

Your dentist will tell you at your complimentary consultation if you are suitable for same day teeth.

The ‘same-day teeth’ more commonly relates to a complete jaw or both jaws of implants. It can be done using the ‘All on 4 implants’ technique or with 6-8 or more implants in each jaw depending on the needs of the case and on whether a fixed denture or fixed crowns and bridges are desired.

All on 4 implants are a quick, safe and cost-effective dental treatment for anyone whose self-confidence and quality of life are affected by missing teeth. All on 4 implants even work in people who have a lack of bone although some bone rebuilding is sometimes necessary. All on 4 implants are a fantastic dental treatment for people already wearing dentures and those who want to have fixed teeth again.

A new ‘fixed’ set of teeth (either bridgework or a fixed denture) are screwed onto dental implants which have been placed on the very same day. Initially these are a provisional set of teeth that look and feel great and are then replaced with a more permanent set some months later. With the ‘All on 4’ a fixed denture replaces a full arch of missing teeth with only 4 dental implants. If you have no natural teeth left, or would like your few remaining teeth replaced with a more attractive and long-term solution, then the implant solution is a great option for you, whether a fixed denture on ‘All on 4’ implants or fixed bridgework on 6-8 implants.