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Removable, comfortable and virtually invisible way to straighten your teeth. The worlds leading clear aligner provider, having treated over 5 million patients worldwide, from adolescents upwards (no upper age limit!) Life can continue as normal, as the Invisalign system discreetly does its work.

A series of clear aligners are custom made for your teeth to move them little by little. Each aligner is worn for 1-2 weeks. They are removable giving you the flexibility to eat, drink, brush and floss during treatment as you want.

Invisalign allows you to view your 3D virtual results before you begin treatment so you can see how your teeth are expected to look when your treatment is complete using our itero scanner:


The total duration of treatment depends on the complexity. Typically from 3-18 months. Your dentist can provide you with more accurate information.


Before and after:





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From £1800 (when paying in full upfront you will receive free teeth whitening worth £350)

or From £36.18/month using our finance



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