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Are you scared or nervous about visiting the dentist?

At last you can finally smile with confidence seeing our Dental Phobia registered Dentist Brian.

Do you find it difficult to talk or read about dentistry? 

The good news is that we can help

Almost half of UK adults have a fear of the dentist

We completely understand, and we’re here to help with our sedation service.

The advantage for you is that you will regain your confidence and achieve the smile you have always dreamed of. You would be able to receive dental care that perhaps you once thought you couldn’t.

We offer Complimentary Sedation Consultations with our Dental Phobia Registered Dentist Brian. Meet Brian with a no obligation consultation. The initial appointment  is to discuss your concerns so you need not worry. There is no commitment to go ahead with treatment.

At Wadebridge dental we can offer IV sedation and inhalation sedation to registered or non registered adult or child patients. Everyone is welcome.

If you have a gag reflex, anxious about treatment, or are needle phobic you should not worry as we are able to treat both successfully with sedation.

We can offer this service on a private basis with LITTLE OR NO WAITING TIMES

Prices from £450 INCLUDING treatment

Please call our reception team to find out more information

Brian Needham can offer sedation at the practice

Dr Brian Needham is a Dental Phobia Certified dentist. Click Here to verify.

DentalPhobia Certified


I was apprehensive as I have never had sedation before. Dr Needham and the sedation team made me feel welcome and explained everything thoroughly but in simple terms. I was aware of everything going on and could communicate throughout but with absolutely no hint of worry or anxiety. Just felt extremely at ease and relaxed.

S.M.H  02/02/21

Brian and the whole sedation team were brilliant! I have never felt so relaxed during a dental appointment. Thoroughly recommend this service.

Chris Targett 29/01/21

My 7 year old Sam has real anxiety when going to the dentist but Brian has built an amazing relationship with him. He’s funny, kind and talks through everything with him (and me!). Sam had sedation to remove a tooth and he left the dentist smiling!

He couldn’t feel any pain or discomfort during the procedure and was relaxed and happy throughout. Brian and his team are true legends. I highly recommend anyone with a phobia or anxiety to use him!

Jenna Spencer – 19/11/20

I received urgently required dental treatment from Dr. Brian Needham at the above practice in July this year (2020). As someone who has suffered greatly at the hands of conventional dentists in the UK and Greece, I thanked my lucky stars (and Google) when I discovered Brian Needham specialised in treating phobic patients like me. For the first time in my life, I was treated with kindness, understanding and humour. I needed something doing about a missing front tooth at the end of lockdown. Brian explained the possible treatments having listened to my fears and concerns, and the final treatment (with I.V. sedation) was actually a pleasant experience! I came away feeling relieved and happy with my new small denture.

Wadebridge Dental, Brian and his team were like the answer to a prayer. I am not an ‘anxious’ patient. I’m someone with a profound terror of dentists and dental work, therefore a true dentalphobe. I cannot recommend Wadebridge Dental highly enough. Thank you, Brian – thanks everyone.  😁

Jennifer Young, Plymouth 2/10/20

Very satisfied with treatment that was done by Dr Brian Needham and all the staff were so helpful and friendly. It has now taken fear away from me about dentists. I will be coming to you for regular check ups. Tremendous.

Pam Romanski – 24/08/20

I had the pleasure to visit Wadebridge Dental in Wadebridge early in the year and met with Brian Needham that the practise recommended I see as I am extremely nervous. I moved to the area about 18 months ago and at that time had not sorted out a dentist as my previous dentist that I had for over 35 years was great and understood me.
I had severe pain when I met with Brian and he put me at ease and was very approachable and easy to talk to. He had a look at my problem and I needed to take some antibiotics and appointment was made for me to come back the following Tuesday however Covid struck and unable to sort my tooth out.
The staff at the practise were great and when my antibiotics ran out and still in pain Andrew prescribed some more painkillers to help see me through and again very helpful through no fault of the practise.
In July when they were allowed to open again they called me to see how I was and I made another appointment to see Brian and it meant then I would have to have 2 teeth removed. I discussed sedation with Brian as I felt that being extremely nervous and having to have 2 teeth removed we agreed sedation would be the best course of action for me.
The day arrived and although still nervous I had no need to be as Brian and the nurses were great and I was totally out of it and they were all very caring and I thank them all and would not hesitate to recommend Brian to anyone as he is now my go to Dentist.
I was not aware of pulling that happens with extraction except at the end when I was just coming out of it and to make any readers have a little laugh I remember Brian saying to me if anyone says you have a big mouth I can verify I apparently have a very small mouth which obviously made me want to chuckle.
Yvonne Fairall 9/9/20

I just wanted to thank you and your team again for the care I received at my appointment. I can’t believe I had so many people taking care of me!

You were all so kind and thoughtful.  You took so much time to explain the change in the treatment and really cared about the outcome for me, you never rushed my decision.  Something simple like someone offering to hold your hand is really appreciated and I have to say nobody has ever offered this before at the dentist.  I have never felt judged by any of your staff. Your staff show real empathy.  At previous dentists all I have felt is judged by professionals who do not know the reasons why you have ended up how you have.

When I have had treatment in the past there has never been any after care, no time to just sit in the chair and catch your breath for a minute but handed a piece of gauze for the bleeding and sent out.  When I had my wisdom teeth out at the dentist I had stitches put in and was sent on my way straight away, when I looked in the mirror in the toilets I had a bit of tooth stuck to my cheek and blood all round my mouth!  So being so well looked after afterwards was a real treat and made the experience more positive.  To receive a telephone call from you was also really appreciated.

I will definitely be registering with you for regular appointments and would also like my children to be at the practice.  I want them to have a positive relationship with the dentist that will last a lifetime.

Thanks again to all of you, you really have restored my faith in dentists and I will be recommending you to all.  I feel sad that not all dentists can offer a service like yours.  I will see you soon!


I am a 52 year old woman who has had some horrific experiences with previous dentists.  I try to avoid going at all costs and only go if in extreme pain and even then will try everything else first.

I visited Wadebridge Dental Care and met with Dr Brian Needham and his Dental Nurse Sarah-Jane, they immediately showed empathy and assured me that they wouldn’t do anything I feel uncomfortable about.  After the initial consultation we agreed that I would benefit from having the necessary work done under sedation.

The day finally arrived and I was extremely nervous, the whole team made me feel comfortable and at ease, once again reassuring me all the time.  The whole procedure was pain free and I can honestly recommend and this team to anyone, especially for a very nervous patient.

I wouldn’t say I am looking forward to my next visit but I can say I WILL be going again and will continue working with this amazing team and I know I am less nervous than I have been ever.

Gaynor Crausby

If like me you are concerned and worried as soon as you see the dentist chair then the way to overcome this is to go and see Dr Brian. From the 1st consultation to the sedation he puts you at ease with his thoroughly professional team. If i need any further dental treatment you guys will be my first call. Its not cheap but you get a 1st class service and you wake up and know nothing about it that’s the best part. Thank you guys and girls’


Brian was spot on and talked me through everything that was going to be done, which put me at ease and relaxed which for me was a very big thing to happen, the sedation was spot on, yes was weird feeling but it done its job and helped me through it all.


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