With our continual investment in Best Patient Care, we have a state of the art system called EMS Airflow. With this system we can provide pain-free stain removal as well as Guided Biofilm Therapy.

In a guided biofilm therapy appointment we:

  1. Disclose the teeth with a dye that makes biofilm visible (biofilm is made up of bacteria that build up on the surface of your teeth and cause gum disease). The colour allows us to see the biofilm to successfully remove it .
  2. A combination of up to 3 cleaning systems are used to gently remove biofilm, staining and light deposits on teeth, implants, braces, tongue and gums. Whiter and brighter teeth in an instant!
  3. The final check ensures all biofilm and deposits have been removed
  4. We recommend 2-4 appointments per year

From £130



Stain Removal


A very effective, comfortable and quick cleaning procedure. A fine stream of fluid combined with a tiny volume of powder is directed at the teeth to remove stains such as food,tea,coffee,wine and tobacco. It is a non invasive and painless procedure leading to a cleaner brighter smile.