CBCT 3D Scanner

A state of the art scanning machine used to produce incredibly accurate and detailed 3D images. From single teeth to both upper and lower jaws in a single scan with a reduced radiation dose and high speed.


Extremely beneficial in detecting and diagnosing oral health problems and as an aid to planning of treatment. CBCT 3D Scanners are becoming extremely important as dentistry moves further into the digital generation.

Uses include

  • Dental Implant Planning and Placement
  • Oral Surgery
  • Complex Endodontic cases
  • Orthodontic Treatment
  • Periodontal disease
  • TMJ diagnosis and evaluation
  • Diagnosis and detection of Tumours and Infections

From £75-£225

We accept referrals from other practices and will return your patient with their scan promptly

We also accept referrals for OPGs from other practices. £85.

Please see our referrals page for more information