Patient Stories – Invisalign

Cristina Nastase

Cristina was self-conscious of her teeth, which she felt stuck out. She was also concerned that her bite could affect her overall oral health in the future, so she was keen to prevent this happening. She saw Dr James Bryman for an orthodontic consultation, and was recommended Invisalign, followed by composite bonding. All Wadebridge Dental Invisalign packages include free teeth whitening, fixed retainers and removable night time retainers after treatment, which has given Christine a lasting smile to be proud of. 

Matthew Wadsworth

Matthews teeth had relapsed following previous orthodontic work as a child, and was also generally unhappy with the aesthetic aspect of his teeth. He initially saw Dr Philippa McNee for a new patient examination, who referred Matthew on to Dr Andrew Taylor for Invisalign, Composite bonding and Implants. Matthew stated that the treatment was “An incredible and life changing experience”

Darina Donnellan

Darina was unhappy with how her upper front teeth crossed over and crowding that she had around her lower front teeth. She came in to see Dr Kate Rowe for her initial consultation, and shortly after started her Invisalign journey at Wadebridge Dental Care. Her results look incredible!

Donna Hazell

Donna was unhappy with the alignment of her teeth; she was offered braces as a teenager but didn’t go ahead at the time. Donna saw Dr Philippa McNee for an Invisalign consultation and started her Invisalign journey shortly after. Her results are amazing!

“The whole experience having my Invisalign has been joyous. The staff are all lovely. I would highly recommend Phillippa McNee and her assistances, for their reassurance and humour!”

Claire Stallwood

Claire initially attended for a new patient examination with Dr Damien McNee, where she explained she was unhappy with the alignment of her teeth following orthodontics as a teenager. Damien advised attending an Invisalign consultation with his wife, Dr Philippa McNee, and Claire began her Invisalign journey shortly after. Finishing the treatment with whitening, her results really are amazing!

Jacqueline Parker

Jacqueline had spent may years hiding her teeth when she smiled and as a result, was offered a complimentary 3D scan and simulation of her teeth at her dental examination. She was unhappy with the general alignment of her teeth but was particularly unhappy with how her front teeth overlapped. Her Invisalign journey was carried out by Dr Philippa McNee who helped Jacqueline achieve these incredible results.

“As long as I can remember I’ve hidden my teeth when I smile, but now I stop and think yes, I can Smile and show off my lovely straight teeth! This has given me a huge confidence boost and at 64 years of age, it shows it’s never too late. Thank you Dr Philippa McNee for everything you’ve done.”

Sarah Simpkin

Sarah had been unhappy with her overlapping teeth for some time. She first met us at Royal Cornwall Show where she had a 3D scan and simulation of her teeth taken, and was booked in for a complimentary orthodontic consultation shortly after. Sarah saw Dr Zoe Rogers for her smile transformation, where she underwent Invisalign followed by a whitening treatment. Her results look incredible!


Alex was generally unhappy with his smile, felt as though his mouth looked out of shape and canines were high. He was going to have braces as a child but at the time he didn’t want them – a very common reason why patients come in to see us later down the line.

We understand it can be difficult as a teenager to make the decision to have braces or not. Now Alex decided to take the plunge and have Invisalign, a clear and comfortable alternative to fixed braces!

“I couldn’t have hoped for a better experience. Andrew was super professional & efficient at every visit. I can’t believe how good my teeth look! I have recommended several people to Andrew and will continue to do so!” 


Rebecca came to us after being recommended by her friend, as she was unhappy with her uneven teeth and wanted to know her options. Once she saw Dr Taylor for a consultation, she got started right away with Invisalign!

“Absolutely amazing! Great experience, I am so happy with the results! Thank you for all the time and care spent on fixing my smile!”


Jennali came to us unhappy with the gaps in her upper teeth and crowding of her lower teeth. She saw Dr Andrew Taylor who started her on her Invisalign smile journey, and the results are amazing! 

“Lovely professional service. Felt very listened to and like Dr Taylor cared about how my teeth turned out with Invisalign. Would 100% recommend them to friends and family. Completely different experience to have I have had before (for the better).”


Freya came to us unhappy with her smile due to the spaces in her front teeth. She had Invisalign with Dr Taylor and results speak for themselves! Another fantastic result.

“Andrew made me feel completely comfortable throughout my treatment and I am delighted with the result. Thank you so much!”


Clare came to us unhappy with her smile. She was getting married in 2 months time and wanted to improve her smile for her big day.

Andrew set about providing Invisalign to straighten her teeth, as the Invisalign treatment was still ongoing by her wedding Andrew placed a temporary veneer to improve the appearance.

Clare was delighted and then continued with her Invisalign treatment afterwards to achieve her dream smile


Elizabeth wanted a straighter smile in time for her brother’s wedding. She was unhappy with her uneven teeth but was not keen on having fixed braces, so Invisalign was the perfect option for her!

“The whole Invisalign experience was amazing. Andrew and his team always made me feel at ease and kept me fully informed at each stage. I have already recommended this to a friend.”

Hannah Jones

Hannah Came to us as she was unhappy with the appearance of her upper teeth. Felt as though they looked crooked and was mainly concerned of her upper teeth, but wished to have her lower teeth done as well. After having Invisalign with Dr Ray she is very pleased with the result achieved.

“So pleased with my treatment. I LOVE my new teeth! Pam and all the nurses have been fab” 

Lisa Tarrant

Lisa came to us last year due to being unhappy with the overlap on her upper front teeth. Her daughter had also had treatment here with us, which she was happy with so wished to see one of our dentists for teeth straightening.

The end result took slightly longer than planned, however Lisa is extremely happy with the result.

“Service, communication and aftercare has been extremely positive and I am exceptionally happy with the final outcome of my Invisalign journey. The retainers were a challenge but worth the final result.”

Treatment with Dr Zoe Rogers