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Cosmetic Dentistry

We can provide many cosmetic dental treatments including teeth straightening, whitening, porcelain veneers, teeth coloured fillings, all ceramic crowns.  Just ask your dentist.

Before and After

Six month smiles, teeth whitening and cosmetic fillings By Andrew Taylor

Before After

Cosmetic all ceramic crowns placed by Andrew Taylor

img_0636Before img_0680After

Tooth coloured fillings

Replacing unsightly amalgam (mercury containing) fillings with tooth coloured fillings



Tooth coloured fillings from £80


Replacing an amalgam filling with a tooth coloured filling as performed by Stephen McCrory

Before After

Crown and composite filling on lower teeth by Stephen McCrory

img_0636Before img_0680After


img_0407Before img_0628After img_0630After

Photos of dentistry performed at our practice by Sahil Patel

Fibre post and emax crown

IMG_1255Before image1After

Ceramic Onlay

image2Before IMG_1258After

Emax crown

IMG_1257Before image3After