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ZO Medical Peels

Peels can be used to correct and reduce the following conditions:

  1. Sun Damage
  2. Hyperpigmentation, Melasma
  3. Rough texture
  4. Dullness
  5. Dryness
  6. Lines and wrinkles
  7. Laxity
  8. Scars
  9. Increase the overall health of the skin

We offer four different peels, with different intensities. Two at home peels and two at practice peels.

Our at home peels:

  1. Invisapeel™ with invisible exfoliation, this helps to resurface skin, controlling flakiness, dullness and dryness and no downtime *
  2. ZO Retinol Stimulation Peel™, where we prepare you to carry out your own peel at home with the ZO products*

Our at practice peels:

  1. Red-Carpet-Ready ZO Stimulator Peel™, suitable for all skin types with no preparation time and no downtime. A peel that will smooth skin texture and even out fine lines and wrinkles. Leaving you with a bright, healthy glow – £90
  2. ZO Medical 3-Step Peel™, a medical grade peel suitable for all skin types, helps to improve acne, laxity, sun damage, uneven tone, lines and wrinkles, large pores and dullness* – From £350

* Requires a minimum of 4-6weeks preparation with ZO Getting Skin Ready™ protocol at home

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